News Flash

Social media and modern technological devices such as smartphones have led to a paradigm shift in global reporting over the last ten years or so. The classic media such as radio, television and newspapers are battling with a loss of relevance, while users of social networks like Twitter or Facebook can have direct contact with the public and publish news in real time.

On the one hand, this direct exchange of information makes it possible to avoid censorship—as, for example, in the case of the Arab Spring in 2011—yet at the same time it is fraught with problems. The channels can also be misused for the purposes of populism, propaganda or information manipulation, since they are not subject to any editing or controls.

The exhibition ‘News Flash’ at the Kunsthaus Nürnberg is dedicated to the social, cultural and political changes stemming from the current conditions of media and technology from an artistic perspective.

In two texts and in works by 13 contemporary artists, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between politics and communication.

German and English text.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘News Flash. #message #social media #artists’, 27 Sep – 18 Nov 2018, Kunsthaus Nürnberg.

Designed by Martin Küchle.

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