New Contemporaries 2010

This exhibition catalogue is published alongside the annual show of the same name that launches at A Foundation, Liverpool, September 2010 featuring the work of 49 artists across a range of media.

New Contemporaries, sponsored by Bloomberg has a long and illustrious history. Established in 1949, for the past 60 years this annual show has been dedicated to profiling the work of young, new and emerging artists at the start of their professional careers.

Through its annual presence, New Contemporaries has identified serious artists from each generation and given them the opportunity to show for the first time. The premise remains the same today.

The selectors for the 2010 edition of this annual exhibition (A Foundation, Liverpool, September – November 2010; ICA, London, November 2010 – January 2011) are Sacha Craddock, Gabriel Kuri, Mark Leckey and Dawn Mellor.


Greta Alfaro, Holly Antrum, Caline Aoun, Johann Arens, Ed Atkins, Nick Bailey, Nathan Barlex, Alice Browne, Amir Chasson, Joe Clark, Matthew Coombes, Patrick Coyle, Kristian de la Riva, Keren Dee, Sophie Eagle, Claas Gutsche, Guy Haddon-Grant, Jessica Harris, Rowena Harris, Emma Hart, Darren Harvey-Regan, Raphael Hefti, Ian Homerston, Chris Shaw Hughes, Rowena Hughes, Vasileios Kantas, Krister Klassman, Sam Knowles, Alec Kronacker, Agnieszka Kucharko, Daniel Lichtman, Agata Madejska, Russell Maurice, Ella McCartney, Nick Mobbs, Murray O’Grady, Chloe Ostmo, Siôn Parkinson, Peles Empire, Laure Prouvost, Kiwoun Shin, Theodoros Stamatogiannis, Sue Tarbitten, Edward Thomasson, Naomi Uchida, Melis van den Berg, Mark Walker, Pablo Wendel, Joel Wyllie

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