Neal Beggs


In 1999 Glasgow-based artist Neal Beggs was commissioned by the CCA to create a new installation for the entrance space at the McLellan Galleries. The work consists of two large blocks of text, installed directly onto the corridor walls. One wall lists 284 Scottish mountains known as Munros (a mountain over 3000ft) whilst the opposite wall has a list of 304 multi-storey tower blocks built in Glasgow between the 1950s and1970s.

For Beggs, the comparison between these two is highly relevant – tower blocks and Munros are intrinsically linked through their height, scale and monumental ambition. He is especially interested in the spatial links between the two walls of text and the position of the viewer between them. Produced as a result of the commission, this book provides a new overview on the subject and context of Beggs’s work.

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