Nathan Cash Davidson

Burlesque in which we’ve thrown it on its head

Nathan Cash Davidson makes paintings featuring such diverse figures as King Henry VIII, Mr. Punch, George Bush and Ali G.

Historical and popular cultural characters and the artist’s own family members meet animated gargoyles and mournful mythological creatures in otherworldly forests, cathedrals, desert islands and council estates; boldly rendered in vital, swirling jewel colours.

Burlesque in which we’ve thrown it on its head is an encounter with Cash Davidson’s prodigious talent for figuration and architectural detail, and his wry and irreverent wit.

These accomplished and confident works evoke a rich interior landscape whilst also offering an often bleak and discomfiting perspective of the contemporary metropolis.

Cash Davidson’s writing – ‘…Armoured objects selected never last / faster / than the star/ Reflect the future and the past in one’ – echoes his preoccupation with levelling history, mythology and the 21st Century.

This catalogue marks the occasion of the first solo exhibition of this exciting emerging British artist in a not-for-profit gallery.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Parasol unit, London, 8 December 2010 – 13 February 2011.

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