Micro Era

Media Art from China

Jointly, the Association for German-Chinese Cultural Exchange (GeKA e. V.) and Nationalgalerie Berlin realise the exhibition Micro Era, cross-generationally dedicated to Chinese Media Art since the 1990s.

The four participating artists (Cao Fei (*1978), Fang Di (*1987), Lu Yang (*1984), and Zhang Peili (*1957) explore the relationships between mind, body, and technology, examining documentary film images, the adapted use of classic film language, and the aesthetics of Japanese anime.

Critically, the exhibition inquires the democratic potential of media as well as the way in which today’s visual culture is being produced, consumed, or employed as a means of knowledge gain.

Published to coincide with an exhibition entitled Micro Era: Medienkunst aus China / Media Art from China, 5.9.2019–26.1.2020, Kulturforum, Berlin.

English, Chinese and German text.

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