Michael Schmidt

Berlin-Wedding, 1978 (Second Edition)

After the reissue of Michael Schmidt’s legendary photobook ‘Waffenruhe’ (1987) comes a second edition of the artist’s book ‘Berlin-Wedding’ from 1978 that has long been out of print.

In it, Michael Schmidt photographed the district of Berlin-Wedding in a documentary style. Although the project was the result of an assignment from the district authority, Schmidt formulated his artistic vision of the city and its inhabitants.

Part of the realisation is the conscious composition of the black-and-white photographs in a broad palette of grey tones. This trait of the original photographs and the first edition of ‘Berlin-Wedding’ is also realised in the reissue.

Michael Schmidt commented on this:

pushing the pictures into immeasurable grey, so that black and white no longer even appear in them, was a completely conscious step. (…) I thought the world can not be clearly defined, but presents itself in many nuances.’

English and German text.

Second Edition.

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