Michael Schmid

Quotation Marks

The themes of Michael Schmid’s photographs are entirely unambiguous. He often chooses everyday things for his images such as a piece of paper, a cooker, a lamp, a table. Nothing distracts from their presence; the focus is placed on the essential. Every one of Michael Schmid’s images is staged and composed with great care.

Yuki Higashino believes Schmid’s works continue the artistic strategy of Conceptualism ‘which is characterized by its staying-silent and its stubborn refusal to produce ‘art photography’ – which in no way means that it lacks aptitude and skill.’. Michael Schmid regards photography ‘as a means to an end that allows me to engage in temperate thought.’

The publication appears as both a catalogue and an artist’s book and accompanies Michael Schmid’s work via photography and pictorial representation into physical space and then back into the form of a book.  The architecture of a book and the exhibition space are reflected in the structural elements of the photographic medium.

German and English text.

Designed by Christian Heinz, bueroheinz.

Quotation Mark is being published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Moment’ at Kunstverein Springhornhof.

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