Michael Pinsky

Panacea: the art of wellbeing

This is just one of the three volumes that make up John Hansard Gallery’s Panacea: the art of wellbeing – an evolving, expandable and traveling artwork designed to function as a universal formula to cure social, economic and political problems.

Devised and developed by the artists Michael Pinsky, Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich, it strikes a fine balance between naïve optimism and ironic critique – a humorous and thought-provoking comment on society’s increasing demands upon the artist as ‘social reformer, economic revitaliser and catalyst for all things good’.

This volume is a monograph on the work of Michael Pinsky. Between them, the three volumes thoroughly document all new works made throughout the project and include discussion and debate around the various issues brought about by the ideas behind Panacea.

Also available as part of the 3 volume set: Panacea: the art of wellbeing 9780854328628 £19.95.

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