Michael Müller


This book belonging to the two-part publication accompanying Müller’s exhibition at the Kunsthalle, is an invitation to readers to discover this Berlin-based artist’s rich field of reference, room by room – from antiquity right up to the present day, from the religious cult to current gender-related questions.

The exuberant wealth of material that MülIer assembled for his exhibition at the Kunsthalle was already mentioned several times in volume one, but not dealt with exhaustively. What’s more, alongside the wealth of materials, MülIer succeeded in including a wealth of substantive references, which led through all the Kunsthalle’s nine rooms like a mirror, constantly broadening out.

The four-hour performance staged on the opening evening, ‘Dritte Probe für Nietzsches Geburtstagsparty 2313’ (Third rehearsal for Nietzsche’s birthday party in 2313), which is also documented in this volume, was a magical experience for everybody involved and for all the visitors. It presented to viewers further points of reference for the materials and subject matter in MülIer’s oeuvre and in this form is also visible to all readers.

Published after the exhibition, ‘Michael Müller: SKITS. 13 Exhibitions in 9 rooms’ at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, 26 November 2016 –19 February 2017.

English and German text.

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