Michael Krebber

The Living Wedge (Part 2. Bern 2017)

Exploring the continual exhaustion, withdrawal, engagement and renewal of painting, the work of Michael Krebber is a central reference in conversations about the mediumʼs continued relevance.

The large selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures featured in this two-volume publication showcases Krebberʼs practice over the last three decades.

Stations in a recursive cycle of starts, fits and restarts, scattered in a variety of motifs and gestures, by turns emphatic, arresting or ironic together they trace the artistʼs approach to painting, its expressive language as well as its critical function.

Volume 2 of 2.

Volume  1. ISBN 9783960980513

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Michael Krebber: The Living Wedge at Fundação De Serralves, Porto, Portugal (15 October 2016 – 15 January 2017) and at Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland (18 February – 30 April 2017).

English, German and Portuguese text.

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