Michael Krebber


The artist and professor Michael Krebber recently invited his colleagues Gareth James, John Kelsey and Josef Strau to participate in an exhibition with the title Ical Krbbr Prdly Prsnts Gart Jas, Jon Klsy, Josf Stra. Minus a few of the necessary letters, the artists’ names became a wall painting transformed into concrete poetry.

As the exhibition freed itself from the curator’s reins, the resulting exhibition catalogue also goes against conventional form and order. For example, a foreword by the editor turns out to be an artist’s improvised speech on the topic of Puberty in Painting: ‘Now I have written: I can’t decide any longer for one of these points of views or non-points of views.’ Artworks are not presented in groups by artist, but rather by associative links of picture strips, found-object texts, prose, drawings and collages.

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