Medley Tour

Andy Hope 1930

This publication shows the new series of Medleys by Andy Hope 1930 in combination with a selection of work from the past four years. A medley, among other things, is a piece of music made up of several harmonically adjusted melodies frequently from a musician s entire output.

Hope has taken a similar approach to his new works, in which he composes and improvises images from elements used in earlier works (paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures).

In drawing on his own repertoire of images Andy Hope makes new connections between figures, texts, iconographies and colors through which he undertakes a free and informal self-revision of his own work.

His characteristic playing with time reaches a new high point in the Medleys, and it is a connecting element in his work. Alongside Hope’s Phantoms, the Time Tubes, objects somewhere between painting and sculpture, and the Espace de Voyage, a kind of collapsible and thus mobile space, will take the reader on a journey through time and the artist’s cosmos.

English and German text.

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