Martin Honert

Catalogue Raisonné 1982 - 2003

text by Boris Groys, Martin Honert

Published alongside the exhibition of the same name at the Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, April 2004. Features a chronological catalogue of works completed by between 1982 and 2003 with commentary by the artist and an essay by Boris Groys. Most of the works of Martin Honert (born in Bottrop, 1953) have their source in memories that bring the artist back to his childhood.

His sculptures and installations question the way in which the continuity of our memory can be achieved and secured, and he uses the isolation of the photographic act to freeze a moment of his own biography and to awaken similar childhood experiences in the viewer. This, his first catalogue raisonné, shows each of his works in chronological order, annotated by the artist. German / English text.

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