Over three months during summer 2002 a crew of artists, scientists and media activists inhabited the Earthbound satellite of Makrolab in the Scottish highlands. This journal includes diaries, pictures, plans, project documentation and materials, and a text by Makrolab’s creator, Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan.

The Makrolab is a high-tech, art-science project. A temporary sustainable laboratory designed to support 4 – 6 artists and scientists working and living alongside each other in isolation for periods of up to 120 days. Within the Makrolab, researchers study telecommunications, environment, migration and weather patterns. Peljhan sees these multiple-dynamic global systems as the source of understanding how our planet functions on social, technological and natural levels. This publication marks the first five years of Makrolab. By 2007 Makrolab mark IV is planned to be installed in the Antarctic where it will serve as a permanent independent art-science research station.

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