Love Story Die Sammlung

Love Story is a daring presentation of contemporary art at Vienna’s Belvedere, using both the Baroque Winter Palais and Modernist 21er Haus. The exhibition is the first public showing of the collection of Anne & Wolfgang Titze, a Franco-Austrian couple.

The Love Story title alludes to the couple’s passion for contemporary art, as well as to their enduring relationship. When the Titzes began collecting art some 25 years ago, they were cautious about some forms of expression and materials. Minimal and Conceptual art, which emerged from the States in the 60s, seemed cool and detached; Arte Povera, an Italian movement, somehow felt easy, even common.

With time, knowledge, and experience, the Titzes came to appreciate and embrace these essential foundations of contemporary art. The collection, which has grown in size and scope, reflects several major movements and themes of today’s global art scene.

The Love Story catalogue includes an intimate Q+A, Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art, an A to Z of the exhibition, and an informative essay on the history and challenges of collecting. The catalogue makes every effort to engage a broad audience in a refreshing, convivial way, sharing the joys contemporary art.

Includes interviews with, Anne and Wolfgang Titze with Mario Codognato, Severin Dünser and Luisa Ziaja

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