artists include Louise Bourgeois, Vija Celmins, Le Corbusier, Thierry de Cordier, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roni Horn, Brad Kahlhamer, Martin Kippenberger, Tania Kovats, Paul McCarthy, Agnes Martin, Julian Opie, Iain Patterson, Vincent Shine, Wolfgang Tillmans, Cerith Wyn Evans

Lost is a highly personal selection of British and international artworks that exemplifies the artistic influences of award-winning artist Tania Kovats. It centres on the condition of being lost – whether accidentally or by choice, physically or psychologically – illustrating how feelings of euphoria, despair, emptiness and liberation are common to the experience. As she herself explains, ‘It embodies the sense of some kind of emptying out, something not being there. It relates to memory and nostalgia and, at the same time, oceanic freedom.’ This exhibition catalogue, designed by Herman Lelie, illustrates the selected artworks, from a huge spent firework by Cerith Wyn Evans, to the minimalist canvas of Agnes Martin, from Julian Opie’s sculptural gravestones to the atmospheric photographs of Wolfgang Tillmans.

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