Linie Line Linea

Contemporary Drawings

Drawing is the most primal form of artistic expression and is being paid attention to today more than ever before.

As a global visual language it enables cross-cultural communications, ranging ranges from the immediate, improvisational movement to the complex image of the world, from the recording of individual experiences to the concept of reporting.

The exhibition and this accompanying book unites significant groups of works by nineteen artists who live and work in Germany and understanding drawing as the primary focus of their artistic endeavours.

These artists inquire about what drawing can achieve today as well as how it formulates and alters our perception of ourselves and the world. It motivates the reader to re-examine the signs of one’s own culture by means of drawings.

Published on the occasion of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn, February – May 2010.

English text.

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