Lines of Thought

The exhibition Lines of Thought explores the work of 15 contemporary artists, whose practice has focused in particular on using line in creatively challenging ways.

With works representing different generations, it is remarkable to observe how the meaning and use of line varies from one artist to another. Simply the running on of a point, line is paradoxically one of the most powerful means of expression.

Continuous or broken, curved or straight, free-floating or geometric, lines can define boundaries, divide spaces, create light and shade, or be used for communication.

Throughout the history of art, line as a basic element of artistic expression has been used by many artists to explore and express a wealth of feelings, thoughts and ideas.

The exhibition features the work of internationally acclaimed artists such as Richard Long, Fred Sandback, Raoul De Keyser, Richard Tuttle and Sol Lewitt, among others.

Published to accompany the exhibition at Parasol unit, London, 29 February – 13 May 2012.

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