Line Vocabulary

Arild Vange & Per Formo

In Line Vocabulary poet Arild Vange and visual artist Per Formo play with a series of tactile, erotic encounters between figures, submarines, economics, plants and movements.

The work frames Vange’s writing in a tightly constrained format where tiny fragments pattern two broad forms: firstly, of expansion and contraction through nine letters of the alphabet in relation to vertical forms/standing figures; and secondly through a series of almost pastoral, horizon-based accumulations of images.

The poems were written in response to Per Formo’s digital drawings, and vice versa; the constraints employed in the construction of the images being echoed in the constraints used in the writing process: syllables, letters, number of lines etc.

Line Vocabulary has been translated from Norwegian by Neil Davidson, working in close collaboration with Vange to produce this English-language iteration of the poet’s text.

It is printed in an edition of 200 copies on 170gsm paper.

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