Liam Gillick

Factories in the Snow

This monograph focuses on projects from the last five years and attests to the artist’s interest in the formal dimension of our daily environment and the behavior it induces, and considers it within a new theoretical framework proposed by Lilian Haberer, a Doctoral graduate of Columbia University.

Designed by the artist, the book also provides full description of numerous exhibition projects, public interventions, design works, and individual pieces.

Winner in 1998 of the Paul Cassirer Kunstpreis in Berlin, and nominated in 2002 for the Turner Prize, his work has been widely presented in large exhibitions over the last ten years (Documenta, Venice Biennale, Manifesta, etc.). Gillick is respected for the rigor of the thinking developed in his work and writings; his sculptures, installations, and textual pieces are also informed by a sharp visual sense of structural and formal material properties of the vocabulary he uses.

English and German text.

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