Lewis Carroll


This beautiful book, superbly produced, is published to coincide with the centenary of the death of the Victorian novelist and mathematician Lewis Carroll.

Perennially popular and innately English, Carroll crosses cultural frontiers with ease, making people laugh and dream and occasionally cry.

Vulnerable in his sexuality, he also had to wrestle with the dilemmas of being both an artist and a professional man. The manner in which he explored issues of personal identity is only now beginning to be fully understood.

However, what has always been recognised is his extraordinary ability to empathise with both children and adults, who delight in his insatiable curiosity, his mad logic, his riddles, his charm, his moments of brutality, his sense of life poised perpetually on the edge of a chasm.

This book, a unique collaboration between the Literature and Visual Arts Departments of the British Council, comprises three substantial and fascinating essays (fully illustrated), 24 pages of Carroll’s photographs, and a selected bibliography.

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