Leiko Ikemura

All about Girls and Tigers

13 outstanding objects of classical Japanese art from the Museum für Ostasiatisches Kunst (Oriental Art), Köln’s collection confront some 120 works by Leiko Ikemura.

The sequence of themes which form the subject in this publication are the result of this confrontation: 1. Soul Landscapes – The Cosmic Landscape; 2. Meditation – The Inward Gaze; 3. Houses and Caves – Containers of Shadows; 4. Transfigurations; 5. Black – White – Grey – Substance and Emptiness; 6. Memento mori – Transience; 7. All about Girls and Tigers – Hovering, Standing, Lying; 8. Scenes from the 53 Stations of the Eastern Sea Road (Tôkaidô).

This catalogue makes it clear that in her works, Ikemura removes in exemplary fashion the boundaries between Western and Japanese art.

Published on the occasion of the exhibiton Leiko Ikemura: All about Girls and Tigers at Museum für Ostasiatisches Kunst Köln, 26 September 2015 – 31 January 2016.

English and German text.

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