Landscape Trauma in the Age of Scopophilia

Does the term ‘landscape’ merely conjure up idyllic notions of the countryside? Or is the seemingly neverending industrial malaise in the countryside symptomatic of a broader crisis of identity that has begun to erode the distinctions between the metropolitan and the rural tradition?

Through processes of construction, destruction and reconfiguration, Landscape Trauma in the Age of Scopophilia provokes a re-examination of our relationship to landscape – be it geographical, cultural or political – by examining the interplay between these different dimensions. Rejuvenating and expanding the subject of landscape, it presents spectacular illusions of scale and space, combining the macro and the micro, the scientific and the psychic.

Landscape Trauma includes an essay by Jorella Andrews, and features newly commissioned and existing works in photography, digital media, collage and video installation by artists and computer programmers working both nationally and internationally. Published to accompany the exhibition of the same name curated by Richard Hylton.

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