Kristian Ryokan

British artist Kristian Ryokan’s paintings are intricately worked in oil and acrylic on canvas. He plunders with an energetic enthusiasm from the world around him, often using familiar everyday objects, images and signs as the catalyst for his work. His subject matter often relates to a contemplation of time, escapism and activities that remove oneself from day to day routine; motor racing, sailing or simply playing games. The analytical attention to detail is exquisite, the rendering of metallic and painted surfaces reveals a discerning draughtsmanship. Ryokan’s work is informed directly by the influence of Buddhist teachings, conveying an ‘awakening’, both spiritually and materially. His paintings do not so much convey a conflict between these seemingly opposing ideologies but begin to reconcile how they can coexist within the vagaries of modern life. This catalogue was published to accompany Kristian Ryokan’s first solo exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery, where the artist presented a selection of his paintings.

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