In their responses to artists’ film and video, cinema and the museum are in crisis. At the same time, artists‘ film and video often willfully occupy the gap between a homogenised cinema and the fossilising museum, while the number of artists working with moving images continues to rise.

In 2007, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen took up the theme with the screening series Kinomuseum, curated by Ian White. Kinomuseum focused on the relationship between cinema and the museum, examining and re-imagining the responses of both institutions to artists’ work. Concerned not only with what we see but how we see it, the project proposed a radical alignment between viewing and critical thinking: Kinomuseum imagined a new museum rising from the foundations of the cinema auditorium.

This book includes texts written by some of the most influential curators and artists, and discussions with Ian White, Chrissie Iles, Alexander Horwath, Vanessa Joan Müller and Marysia Lewandowska.

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