Kevin Francis Gray

This exhibition catalogue showcases several of Gray’s porcelain, bronze and marble sculptures that merge elements of both classicism and the sculpted human form with an aesthetic that contextualises the work firmly within the visual landscape of contemporary society.

Drawn heavily from both popular culture and the gritty reality of an uncompromised urban life, Gray’s subjects are people from the neighbourhood surrounding his studio in London who he approached in chance meetings on the street.

Gray frequently works with his subjects on multiple pieces, forming a lasting relationship between the artist and sitter. Depicted in classical form with materials often reserved for immortalizing grand historical figures, Gray’s work injects dignity and admiration into an often marginalised and artistically unobserved paradigm of society.

Published on the occasion of Kevin Francis Gray’s solo exhibition at Haunch of Venison, New York, 4 – 29 September 2012.

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