Katie Paterson

A place that exists only in moonlight

We continue to marvel at the cover of this book - not sure how they've managed it, but it's covered in cosmic dust. So you hold in your hands part of the universe beyond our atmosphere. Our minds have been blown, and so will yours with this great artists' book.

‘Katie Paterson can take you out of your realm – she is so original, engaging and expansive. She makes us realise how inconsequential we are in relation to the universe.’ Cornelia Parker

A place that exists only in moonlight contains a series of artworks to exist in the imagination.

Comprising over 100 short texts, each concerns the landscape, the universe, or an expanded sense of earthly and geological time. These poetic phrases take shape in the mind of whoever reads the words, and so become an expression of the idea itself.

The cover of this beautiful pocket-book is printed with cosmic dust – a mixture of moondust, dust from Mars, shooting stars, ancient meteorites and asteroids.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Katie Paterson & JMW Turner: A place that exists only in moonlight at Turner Contemporary, Margate (26 January – 6 May 2019). The largest UK exhibition of Paterson’s to date, paired with a group of works by 19th century British romantic painter, JMW Turner.

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