Katharina Grosse

Knot Book

Katharina Grosse is best known for her works of kaleidoscopic colour and epic scale, transforming space by painting directly onto architecture, interiors, and landscapes.

At Carriageworks, Sydney, she has enveloped the public space in more than 8250 square metres of suspended fabric, draped, knotted and folded across and through the architectural elements of the building. On top of the folds she created a vast immersive painting, engaging visitors as both observers and participants in her work. 

This book, that was conceived by the artist herself, not only minutely documents the work and the transformation it underwent as the many visitors passed through, it also tells the story of its making.

“We collected the sewing plans, diagrams, pictures and photos. Interviews with the team members were taped. It dawned upon me like never before how my work connected to other people’s lives and how everybody’s lives and knowledge had fed into its making: a critical loop ecology between site, crew materials and audience.” — Katharina Grosse

Featuring interviews between Grosse and each member of the team (artists and producers) who were crucial to the realisation of the project.

Published after the exhibition, KATHARINA GROSSE: THE HORSE TROTTED ANOTHER COUPLE OF METERS, THEN IT STOPPED at Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia (6 January – 8 April 2018).

Co-published with Atelier Grosse.

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