Karl-Heinz Ströhle

Ornament and Aformation

Karl-Heinz Ströhle is one of the most interesting artists in Austria. The work of this illustrator, painter, performance artist, object and media artist is documented comprehensively in this catalogue in a precise selection of paintings, sculptures and videos from the early 90s to the present day.

The multimedia concentration on line and space is one of the trademarks of the artist, along with a reduced formal language. Karl-Heinz Ströhle has found a material in spring steel strips, with which he designs paintings, but also seemingly fragile moving objects. Emotion in his works is countered with minimalism, concept with playful spontaneity, and concrete approaches with abstract formulations.

Ströhle, who lives in Vienna, has been involved in numerous art projects, including for Swisslife/rentenanstalt in Munich, for hospitals in Salzburg and the Voralberg province, the passage between the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Vorarlberg State theatre and is currently working on a building tarp for the Vorarlberg Museum. The abstract striped pattern which covers the building site in Bregenz generates spatial vibrations through an optical effect, which evoke associations with a theatre curtain that is about to be raised for the opening.

Karl-Heinz Ströhle studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and at the University of applied art in Vienna under Bazon Brock, where, after teaching work in Salzburg, he has taught since 2005 in the art and Communicative Practice class.

English and German text.

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