Colour and Sequence in 1960s British Art

Bringing together outstanding examples of painting and sculpture from the Arts Council Collection and other major UK collections, Kaleidoscope explores 1960s British art by looking at relationships between colour and form, rationality and irrationality, order and disorder.

Curator, Natalie Rudd contributes an introduction to one of the most dynamic periods in British art, while Sam Cornish draws connections between the sequential placement of brightly-coloured abstract units found in New Generation sculpture, the mind-bending surfaces of Op Art, the flattened repetition of Pop, and the mathematical order of Constructionism.

Kaleidoscope illustrates the work of over 20 artists, including Tess Jaray, Phillip King, Kim Lim, Mary Martin, Eduardo Paolozzi, Bridget Riley, Tim Scott, Richard Smith, William Tucker and William Turnbull, encouraging us to see each striking artwork in a new light.

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