Juliette Blightman

Scripts, Descriptions and Essays 2011 -2016

Juliette Blightman’s artistic engagement is based on observations and impressions of her life, of the reality that surrounds her every day. What comes together is a kaleidoscope of pictures of her family and friends, of travels, parties, and spending time together, of interiors and close-ups of details that are easily overlooked.

For her exhibition Extimacy at Kunsthalle Bern in 2016, Blightman attempted to find a pictorial language for lived time, raising it above pure ephemerality. In her book Scripts, Descriptions and Essays 2011-2016, detailed descriptions of past exhibitions are collected alongside scripts for performances, her practice put into words. The collection is at the same time factual and poetic, recordings that evoke images anew.

Texts by Tenzing Barshee, Kirsty Bell and Valérie Knoll form a third part of the book.

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