Julian Mullan

His pictures give us a sense of how Mr Mullan goes through the world and how he sees it.’ (Matthias Herrmann).

‘The City’ of Mr Mullan comprises of branches, a column, a ladder, a path, a judicial centre, a reflection (lines), a reflection, young trees, the last car, a reflection (blue), a house corner, yellow, a tree (RGB), a support, white and red, etc.

This is how the list of an inventory of 25 photographs continues, which describe the cartography of Julian Mullan’s City in the form of zones of visual shifts and transitions.

It is mainly the boundaries of surfaces and patterns that get lost in an everyday view of things and which only through the artist’s dispositif attract attention, gain colour and contours, and as a result achieve new dimensions of meaning as latent borderline zones and containments of their own object-subjects – dimensions which speak the poetry of experience.

An elegy by Matthias Hermann reads: ‘When looking at these photographs, I have the same feeling as when I read haikus or listen to certain pieces of ‘non-narrative’ music, for example Satie: things which I don’t entirely understand but which set in motion within me certain (probably ‘romantic’) vibrations, whose origin I am ultimately incapable or unwillingly to decipher. A mixture of yearning and surrender.’

English and German text.

Design by Studio Es.

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The ISBN’s are as follows: 9783903269576, 9783903269637, 9783903269644 and 9783903269651.

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