Judith Fegerl

In Charge

Judith Fegerl contests the given. Remodeling the materials’ structures and textures, her sculptures often take the shape of spatial interventions. With great sensibility for the undercurrents of tension in supposedly simple unities – such as metal rods, the exhibition space, the institutional body – the artist lets these tensions take the lead.

The artist is not looking for easy solutions, but forges complications instead. Judith Fegerl‘s working processes cause cracks and fissures just to provide occasions for new configurations. Delicate aluminum poles are cut up, welded back together, lined up and stabilized into vertical position by means of adhesive paper tape. Glimmering prostheses and spatial drawings cross and permeate the Taxispalais – vulnerable, graceful and brutal at the same time – captured in the monograph in charge that has now been published.

English and German text.

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