Jonathan Meese


Meeseʼs work includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and performances but also extends to writing, stage design, and directing within the field of theatre and opera. His practice addresses certain uneasy aspects of German political history and seeks to adopt ideological symbols and empty them of meaning.

The subjects of his work have included Richard Wagnerʼs three act opera Parsifal, and more recently, the American actor, John Wayne. Wayneʼs portrayals of unconquerable cowboys in over 80 Westerns, serve as the inspiration for a new suite of drawings entitled ERZMARSHALL.

Newly conceived for the exhibition is an immersive installation that occupies an entire room. Combining painting, drawing, and sculpture, the work provides an environment in which the viewer can bear witness to Meeseʼs wide-ranging imagination.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Jonathan Meese: DR. TRANS-FORM-ERZ at David Nolan Gallery, New York, 27 October – 17 December 2016.

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