Jonas Burgert

Hitting Every Head

For his first exhibition with Haunch of Venison, German painter Jonas Burgert has developed a new body of work that continues his interest in complex and mysterious narrative-style artworks. The exhibition features medium and large-scale painting, a large-scale drawing and one sculpture.

The grotesque, the mystical and the fantastic provide the subject-matter for Burgert’s art. Bold, sensuous and opulent, the atmosphere in his paintings is of a world of destruction and chaos.

Working in luminous, seemingly fluorescent colours glowing amidst a backdrop of pale hues, the artist depicts an apocalyptic mood of an end time, visions of a netherworld, an unknown myth or a peculiar dream.

The ritualistic, archaic actions that are taking place on the canvas seem to be chaotic and violent at first glance, but at the same time they have a strong sense of tranquillity and stillness about them.

This book includes an interview between Jonas Burgert and Claudia Stockhausen and fully illustrates all artworks in the exhibition.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Jonas Burgert: Hitting Every Head at Haunch of Venison, London, 9 October – 7 November 2009.

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