Jitka Hanzlová (German Edition)


We do not find the clichés associated with the Ruhr area in Hanzlová’s new work Hier: there’s no black soot and no down-to-earth people sitting at floral tablecloths.

She made some exceptional finds on her walkabouts, onto which she has implemented a metaphoric reading, in which the red branches of a bush represent veins, snow landscapes make the Ruhr area appear as if it directly bordered the tundra and echo Asian ink drawings.

Hanzlová does not avoid clichés. She observes how they are covered up. She releases something new from the masses, making it visible.

Her pictures have the effect of being random and yet refined, are captivating through the empathy of tender tones and are nevertheless objective.

The contradictions revealed, alien and completely familiar at the same time, make that which is represented appear unreally close.

German text.

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