Jimmie Durham

Waiting To Be Interrupted. Selected Writings 1993 - 2012

Jimmie Durham, artist, poet and political activist, has been one of the most influential figures of recent decades.

This volume of writings comprise a selection of essays and conferences on art and society, critical reflections on ‘Eurasia’, the history of US-American Indian relations, and observations on the city and nature.

A recurrent theme is his interrogation of the ideological complicity between monumental architecture and scripture – ‘architexture’ – as the foundation of Eurocentric belief and tool of others’ disenfranchisement.

Here, words, like the stones and motley materials he gathers for his assemblages, are remobilised otherwise; they become agents for ‘interrupting’ received ideas through writings that both disturb and delight, but never cease to provoke questions about the forces that shape our world.

Jimmie Durham is a rare and liberating voice in the architextural wilderness of contemporary life.

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