Jeppe Hein

Who are you really?

Jeppe Hein has created extensive public art projects and has produced permanent public art works throughout the world. Increasingly, Jeppe Hein involves the public in his work, in a highly concrete sense.

Since 2013, following a period of illness due to burnout, his art has taken on a distinctly existential and explorative dimension.

The extensive project “Jeppe Hein – Who are you really?” is not an exhibition in the traditional sense. Instead of shipping works to Moderna Museet, the entire exhibition was produced on site, interacting with the building, the collection – and the visitors.

His artistic practice is about people, physical encounters, dialogue and social interaction. The visitors are an indispensable aspect of his art, and most of his installations can only be experienced if you are there.

Published to coincide with his exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 21 May – 28 August 2022.

Co-published with Moderna Museet.

English and Swedish text.

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