Jean Mauboulès

Mouvement arrêté – Arbeiten auf Papier 1969–2019

Jean Mauboulès, sculptor and draftsman originating from the French Pyrenees, has lived in the Solothurn region since 1973.

Since then, several presentations at the Art Museum Solothurn have been dedicated to his work.

The last solo exhibition took place in 2002 and emphasized the overarching character of the linear in sculpture, relief and drawing.

In the current overview in the Graphic Cabinet, which spans an arc of 50 years, the focus is now solely on works on paper: watercolours, pencil and ink drawings.

In addition to the clarity of the line, a particularly picturesque expression is striking. It is not uncommon for geometric and organic forms to meet in the same work.

In the Pas-de-deux, tension and tranquility are balanced. The passionate dance lover speaks of a ‘mouvement arrêté’, a halted movement.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Jean Mauboulès: Mouvement arrêté – Arbeiten auf Papier 1969–2019’, 7 Mar –17 May 2020, Kunstmuseum Solothurn.

German text only.

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