James Lee Byars

I Give You Genius

This catalogue shows objects and spatial installations by the conceptual and performance artist James Lee Byars. The photographer Claudio Abate, as a congenial observer, astutely identifies the artist’s ideas and follows the lines of the perfect axis, making the dialogue between the architecture of the exhibition space and the works of art visible.

The canon of Byars’s sculptural forms includes cubes, spheres, cylinders, pyramids and stars, all with emblematic values. Materials and colours, particularly white marble, velvet, black and red, are used to stress the semantic aspect of the work. With the ‘gold ground’ Byars unites the untouchable, the absolute or the spiritual, which the perfect form, the sphere, visually exaggerates.

In playful exchange between interior and exterior architecture, which is the result of a strict choreography of reflections and the axes of vision and motion, the sculptures of James Lee Byars emphasise ‘the perfect axis’ of Benrath Palace and Park’s artistic composition.

English and German text.

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