Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

2000 Words Series

Juxtaposing the heavenly and the debased, the innocent and the perverse, the celestial and the microscopic, Jakub Julian Ziólkowski traces a lineage from Hieronymus Bosch to Philip Guston.

Ziólkowski’s work makes a startling demand: it asks the eye not to glance but to glare, to hold focus on the unraveling chaos of his images, and to unbridle itself in the hallucinatory vehemence of his vision.

Part of the 2000 Words Series, conceived and commissioned by Massimiliano Gioni, and published by the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, this book presents the entirety of the Polish artist’s works in the Dakis Joannou Collection and includes an essay by Cecilia Alemani that examines how the artistʼs work searches the body for a non-hierarchical image of the universe.

Published by the Deste Foundation

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