J Chuhan 'Shadows and the Sea' 2018 oil on canvas 150 x 205 cm. Image copyright J Chuhan

Jai Chuhan


Jai Chuhan: Refuge presents her ongoing painting practice, and complements Asia Triennial Manchester 2018 exhibitions by Jai Chuhan: Refuge at Gallery Oldham (15 September – 24 November 2018); and Remodel: Painting Studio at HOME, Manchester (15 – 21 October 2018) .

Critical texts explore Chuhan’s paintings and cultural contexts, from curatorial and art history perspectives including transcultural aesthetic influences inspiring Chuhan’s position as an Indian-born British artist. Reproductions of paintings include images from HOME’s main gallery where Chuhan created paintings in a space that presented interactions between objects and people passing through including models and dancers.

Jai Chuhan’s paintings often involve an isolated figure in a room-like space, an arena for exploring themes such as love. The images suggest psychological tensions within symbioses of male and female, home and unhome, She considers how fluid layers of colour depict the body, as politicized territory, focussed or blurrily glimpsed, in painting that ‘unfolds and reveals itself into a configuration that expresses a female gaze.’

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