Jacqueline Humphries

Jacqueline Humphries has committed over three decades to abstraction at its extreme. In the mid 2000s she began experimenting with reflective silver paint on canvas, which has since become a signature of her work.

Her iridescent surfaces create an unsettling relationship between the viewer and the painting, constantly shifting according to movement and time.

Registering the colors and tones of the environments around them, the paintings present a mysterious play of shadows and light, suggestion and intimation.

This distinctive monograph, the first to collect Humphries’  silver paintings in one volume and illustrates over 70 works, reproducing their luminous surfaces using a technique that lays conventional ink over an Iriodin silkscreened varnish.

With essays by David Joselit, Suzanne Hudson and Angus Cooke, this book situates Humphries within a generational discourse as well as a broader art historical context.

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