Isabelle Cornaro

French artist Isabelle Cornaro investigates the relationship between objects — especially decorative objects — value, and art, through the issues of representation, perceptual experience, and reproduction.

She is also exploring how to translate forms and languages, for example an old master painting into a 3D installation, a film into a graphic score, or the vocabulary of Minimalism into a more emotional language.

She mines ambiguity by setting up a tension between the analytical, symbolic, lyrical, and anecdotal, addressing how our way of looking constructs the world and its uses. She works with various media such as installation, painting, sculpture, video, and drawing.

To accompany the first publication on Isabelle Cornaro’s works, this book brings together a comprehensive essay by art historian and critic Vivian Sky Rehberg, an interview with London-based Raven Row deputy director Alice Motard, and an examination of her relationship with decorative arts by Glenn Adamson, Deputy Head of Research and Head of Graduate Studies at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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