Is Britain Great? 3

The Caravan Gallery

Roving photographers Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale are back with their third book in the bestselling Is Britain Great? series.

Since 2000 The Caravan Gallery has travelled extensively in the UK and abroad documenting the reality and surreality of ‘the way we live today’. Photos of places visited form the basis of a constantly changing exhibition in this unique mobile exhibition venue and mini social club on wheels.

Williams and Teasdale’s burgeoning archive depicts a land of contrast and contradiction that somehow manages to look both endearingly familiar and terrifyingly alien. ‘You couldn’t make it up’, ‘I’ve lived here all my life and never noticed that’ and ‘I wish I’d had my camera with me’ are typical responses to Caravan Gallery photos.

The Caravan Gallery presents a thought provoking, sometimes tragicomic, view of Britain where individuality, defiance and absurdity flourish in the face of homogenisation and piecemeal regeneration schemes. Williams and Teasdale manage to find ‘beauty in the squalor’, glimmers of hope in the most unpromising situations and are happy to report that humour is alive and well.

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