Ina Geißler

Trapped Fallen

Ina Geißler creates spaces; rather convoluted yet somehow familiar. She chooses to walk the line between abstraction and image by addressing her painting to architecture.

Trapped Fallen is the title of her series of paintings: a confused welter of grids and bars that criss-cross the paintings and veer away into abstract arrangements.

Geißler’s obliterating as well as permeable superimpositions irritate and expand our visual customs. In many ways she is a painter in the classic sense, her painting defies the flood of images coming from film and the internet.

At the same time she creates a spatial cosmos that connects her imagery to the complex structures of the city and nature, and can be read as a laconic yet paradoxical comment on our time or even a pictorial filter for the digital age.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Trapped Fallen at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London, 27 March – 26 April 2008.

English and German text.

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