Imagine You're in a Room Full of Blind Fools Desperately Grasping at Nothing

David Mackintosh

This is the first major publication of the morbidly compelling work of David Mackintosh. Editor Simon Morrissey’s insightful essay begins: ‘By turns mundane then macabre, surreal then salacious, David Mackintosh’s drawings are always disarmingly simple. Whether depicting a pile of shit or parts of a dismembered corpse, the outline of a head with what appears to be a bite taken out of it or starkly rendering a pair of bare breasts, his drawings appear to have borrowed much of their graphic presence from cartoons or some kind of illustration … It is as if Mackintosh is dallying with the easy readability of these forms of drawing, and finding a comfort in their lack of discursive complexity. And with their graphic outlines, their swathes of opaque wash quickly filling shapes or dry drags of the brush scribbling a rough approximation to form, the drawings appear to convey immediacy and spontaneity…’

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