Idyll and Installation and Photography

Matthew Tickle's Idyll

This bookwork offers another viewing of Matthew Tickle’s sculptural installation, Idyll, that was commissioned for Matt’s Gallery in 1999.

The book is comprised solely of 34 photographs taken by the artist during the exhibition. It is not meant as a document of the installation but as a parallel project. As Michael Newman explains in his accompanying text: ‘The sequence of images in the book does not allow for the reconstruction of a narrative of walking through space: they are shot at different times, under different conditions of light, from various angles, although it appears at a constant, more or less head-height… Thus the project taken as a whole – installation and book – demonstrates both the photographic mediation of the original experience of the installation, and the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the haptic experience of the installation in the real time of a visit.’

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