Ich / Me

The traditional self-portrait is now history. In the past it was only artists, painting themselves in front of a mirror, but in the age of Facebook, self-portrayal has become a tool for anyone and everyone.

We live in radically egocentric times. Our faces are part of a gigantic archive of digital images that is continuously growing. What can artists do to counter this?

Günther Förg strides down stairs without a head, Wolfgang Tillmans shows only his knee, Pawel Althamer only his clothes, Michael Sailstorfer forms his name in large letters, and Sarah Lucas almost kicks the viewer in the face, while Florian Meisenberg lets you participate in his life via Smartphone live-stream.

Ironic, playful and deconstructive — artists no longer flaunt their face in front of us, as was once common. They have left self-revelation behind and withdrawn from our gaze, taking detours and distancing themselves from their own self.

Published on the occasion of the group exhibition Ich/Me at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frank­furt, 10 March – 29 May 2016.

English and German text.

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