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(German Edition)

The ‘Aldisation of society’ (after the Aldi supermarket chain) has, for some time, been a buzz phrase in the consumerism debate and is intended to characterise a general desire to find the cheapest or best product on offer.

Discount is achieved, according to the Aldi principle, through ‘the art of omission’. Discount shops do not invoke seductive visions of wealth, luxury and excessive consumption, product is seen much more a functional object, aimed (no longer exclusively) at the low-income sectors of society.

In 2003 Aldi Süd added signed art prints at affordable prices to their range of goods. This ‘Aldisation of art’ was hotly debated in art circles. With works by Felix Droese, Günter Fruhtrunk, Christian Jankowski, Thomas Rentmeister and many more, the publication presents a thorough examination of this discussion with around 40 artistic perspectives, offering both affirmation and criticism in playful interaction.

The issue is rounded off with extracts from the company philosophies of the shops Aldi, Penny, Lidl, Edeka etc.

German text.

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